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What Should I Expect During My Baby's Comprehensive Physical?

Having a baby is an incredible moment in any parent’s life. It’s important to make sure your baby is growing properly and developing well. That’s why newborn wellness checks and baby physicals are so important. 

Here at Zalam Medical Center in Bridgeview, Illinois, board-certified pediatrician Nazem Alzalam, MD, offers comprehensive newborn, child, and school physicals to help your little ones through every stage of their growth. Read on to find out what to expect during these checkups. 

When does my baby need a physical? 

Because babies grow and develop quickly, they need frequent checkups during their first year. Dr. Azalam recommends scheduling visits for the following ages:

After your baby’s first year, you can expect to return for annual physicals. During these visits, Dr. Azalam will ensure that your baby is developing normally, administer necessary immunizations, and prepare your child for nursery and preschool.

What happens at my baby’s physical? 

Health questionnaire

During your baby’s physical, the staff at Zalam Medical Center start by conducting a comprehensive health questionnaire to find out about your infant’s eating and sleeping habits and, if you are breastfeeding, about your milk supply and feeding schedule. 

Dr. Azalam may also ask about your family history and health concerns to determine if your child needs specialized screening for other health issues.  

Comprehensive physical examination 

During the physical examination, Dr. Azalam systematically inspects your infant’s body to check for any physical deformities, injuries, or causes for concern. 

He examines your infant’s head and soft spots to ensure correct skull formation. He evaluates your child’s eyes to check for any abnormalities and conducts a light reflex test to ensure your child’s eyesight is developing correctly. Dr. Azalem also checks for healthy ear development and placement, as abnormal ear positioning can be signs of genetic conditions or kidney defects. During this process, he also checks for other issues, such as early tooth eruption, deviated septums, rashes, birthmarks, and more. 

Dr. Azalam also listens to your baby’s heart and lungs to ensure healthy respiration and cardiac development. He ensures your baby’s hips and joints are correctly developed and that your baby is enjoying a full range of healthy motion. Dr. Azalam may also palpate your baby’s abdomen to check for any enlarged organs, umbilical hernias, or other internal concerns. 

Tracking healthy development

Part of a newborn or baby physical is ensuring that your child is not only healthy during the checkup, but also is developing correctly between checkups. Here at Zalam Medical Center, we track your child’s healthy development by taking weight, length, and head circumference measurements on a regular basis and comparing them against growth charts.

Some developmental concerns appear early, while others appear later. Using a growth chart allows you to make sure your baby is growing at a healthy and age-appropriate rate. 

In addition to checking physical development, Dr. Azalam conducts developmental screenings to check motor skills, social skills, language skills, and more. If your child does have any developmental issues, it’s important to catch them early so Dr. Azalam can recommend appropriate treatments and interventions. 

Whether you’re expecting or have already welcomed your little one home, it’s important to schedule regular baby physicals as soon as possible. Dr. Azalam and our team at Zalam Medical Center are committed to providing families in the Bridgeview, Illinois, area with quality pediatric and pregnancy care. Schedule your newborn’s physical by calling our team at 708- 599-8000 or request an appointment online today.

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